MLS can compete with the best of them.

Like any writer lacking a topic I took to the internet… Twitter to be percise. Thankfully my followers were paying attention, and thanks to @therealkj22 I was give a topic; Write about how MLS teams could compete with other leagues. With very little hesitant I took my stance, and concluded that MLS teams can compete with other top flight leagues and teams.

Yes, the league that was much maligned universally at it’s conception has now grown into a contender. I think it is important that I am saying that MLS teams can COMPETE, I am not saying they have the ability to give Liverpool, and Chelsea a run for this years cup. Quite the contrary, I think some of the top teams in the BPL (Chelsea, Arsenal, Man U, Man City, and to my chagrin Liverpool) are much better teams, and would steadily beat up on most MLS team. But is this not what these teams are doing now? Teams like Sunderland and Fulham are most likely looked upon as a simple task, or an afterthought when the schedules are released, to these top teams, not only in their country but top teams in the world.

MLS is not a retirement team anymore, ask Becks or Henry who was quoted as saying “it’s [MLS] not that easy… and that you have to preform.” Over the last decade, hell even just the last few years MLS has proven it can a force on the global front. MLS unlike say the BPL is a league that is based of parity. On any given year in the BPL instead, you will have your bottom dwellers, the teams in the middle of the table, and more or less the same six same teams leading the way, with very little movement outside a Cinderella story or a promotion/relegation. This is simply not the case in MLS where, any on given Saturday any one team can win. Just look at reigning Supporters Shield winners New York, who went winless for weeks at the start of the season.

Now leads get back to the word COMPETE, as it is the 100,000,000 dollar word of this article. I view competeing, in its simplest form, by having the ability to stand more than a puncher’s chance while on the pitch. Look at Villa they have been competing every year in the modern BPL, but they are not exactly setting the league ablaze. You would be hard pressed at this point it would be hard to defend that an in form team like the Seattle Sounders could not compete with the likes of a Norwich, or a very much out of form Fulham. Even teams like Columbus, Real Salt Lake, New York Red Bulls, and defending champions Sprting Kansas City have world class talent. And no I am not forgetting, but I am not going to stroke Arena’s ego by adding them to this list, anyone who is paying attention is aware of what they are capable of.

In short, leagues like the BPL, Liga BBVA, and Bundesliga are soccer monoliths, and financial juggernauts. Quite frankly MLS has the there hands tied in this sense. Despite this MLS has found a few teams willing to open their wallets, and will continue to grow on the national stage.


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